Two Teen Sisters Again, Im In Heaven

Wow、 I did it again! Two sweet sisters! Only in SE Asia…I’m sure you guys are familiar with two of my Filipina regulars、 Dana and Joylyn、 but what you might not have known is that these cute little sluts are actually sisters! Joylyn、 being 19、 is the big sister and 18-year-old Dana is the little sister. I met them both individually and had no idea they were related、 but it quickly came to my attention that they were related after some basic investigative work.At this point、 both of these lovely teen sisters were pregnant with my babies (Joylyn two and a half months、 Dana one and a half)、 but since it was relatively recent、 their bellies weren’t bulging quite yet. They both wanted some cock (and some money) so instead of fucking them both individually、 I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone so to speak and fuck them both. Since the high of fucking new pussy had worn off、 I needed these sluts to go the extra mile to make my cock hard. In this case、 the extra mile meant dressing up like dumb slutty Bangmaids and cleaning my condo、 which the whores did without hesitation. I made the little sluts blow me in tandem while fondling their ripe young tits、 and then decided to line them up on the bed doggystyle and take turns pounding their teen pussies back and forth. It was so much fun! I finally couldn’t take the pressure and had to unload in these sexy little sisters、 so after placing them on top of each other for easy access to their fuckholes、 I unloaded deep inside big sister Joylyn、 making sure she stayed still as the cum oozed out onto little sister Dana’s snatch. It was really sexy! I’ll definitely try to film these two sisters together again in the next few months、 especially as their bellies start bulging with my future offspring. Stay tuned!

Two Teen Sisters Again, Im In Heaven Dana Joylyn 画像

タイトル : Two Teen Sisters Again, Im In Heaven
モデル : Dana Joylyn

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配信開始日 : 2021/08/11

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再生時間 : 27 分

Two Teen Sisters Again, Im In Heaven Dana Joylyn 画像

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