Shy Filipina Teen Gets Creampied To Land the Job!

I’d been in Thailand a while for an extended business trip、 but I needed to get back to the Philippines to check on some of my properties. When I arrived at one of my condos in Angeles City、 it was a pigsty. The last guest who I rented it too left it in pretty bad shape and I was greatly annoyed.I needed a housecleaner immediately and I didn’t have much time to search for the perfect one. I just needed a dumb、 obedient whore who would come over and get my place back in order (hey、 I’m a man so I don’t clean – it’s one of the laws of nature). I called up a couple of my regulars but they were all out of town as it was a holiday week where they all went back to their provinces to visit their families (no doubt with my babies bulging inside their bellies、 hehehe). One of my regulars suggested I call up Rachel so I did. She wasn’t the hottest maid ever、 but I was almost more concerned about getting my condo back in order so I didn’t really care. And if she could help me get my nut off、 then that’s just icing on the cake.Rachel was cute、 but her tits were a little saggy. I think she had a baby before and that takes a toll on a woman’s body and her value. Still、 her mouth shouldn’t have been affected so I instructed the brainless bimbo to take my cock deep into her skull cavity nice and slowly. She was obedient and did what she was told like a good maid.The rest of her body wasn’t that spectacular – once again、 baby damage. But she was still young enough to be fertile、 so after fucking her in a few different positions、 I unloaded my baby batter deep into her used-up breeding box. I don’t think she was particularly happy about it、 but I didn’t really care. A woman’s job is to accept a man’s sperm without question. If he thinks you’re worthy enough to breed、 you should be ecstatic that he chose you to dump his load into! And that’s exactly what I did. I gave her 1、000 pesos and she seemed disappointed. “You get me pregnant. Can I get tip?” “Sure honey、” I said as I slid an extra 500 pesos into her outstretched arms. “Go buy yourself some Simulac….and get the fuck out of my apartment.”

Shy Filipina Teen Gets Creampied To Land the Job! Rachel 画像

タイトル : Shy Filipina Teen Gets Creampied To Land the Job!
モデル : Rachel

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Shy Filipina Teen Gets Creampied To Land the Job! Rachel 画像

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