Dark-skinned Thai girl creampied

Like your Asian girls DARK skinned? Then you're going to love this week's Creampie Thais episode. Meet 20-year-old Sow from Pattaya. Thai girls、 in general、 have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However、 on occasion、 you will stumble across a dark-skinned beauty like this week's cum dumpster. Sow is a 20-year-old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM、 fuck me! So I did. But not before I had Sow get on her knees and give me her patented "tongue twister" blowjob. After nearly blowing it、 I pulled out and fucked her some more until I finally filled the inside of her shaved Asian pussy with a hot load of cum. It doesn't matter what color a girl is because it's all pink on the inside. Wise words to live by lol.

Dark-skinned Thai girl creampied Sow 画像

タイトル : Dark-skinned Thai girl creampied
モデル : Sow

価格 : 15ドル
割引価格 : 12ドル  ※ 割引期間だと表示されます!

還元 : レビュー投稿で 120 pt(10%)獲得

提供サイト : Asia Fuck Dolls
配信開始日 : 2021/05/01

カテゴリ : 素人 お色気 外国人 生ハメ 中出し ハメ撮り
再生時間 : 10 分

Dark-skinned Thai girl creampied Sow 画像

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